martes, 28 de enero de 2014

Where am I???

My Broncos are in the SUPER BOWL! You
already know we are representing all the way
from here!

January 28, 2014 what the heck feels like it should be February by now.... where has the time gone? I have been in Peru for a total of 20 days now. For some reason it feels like I have been here longer than that. I'm not really sure why but I feel like time goes slower now that I'm here. Well I'll start off by saying that Christmas, New Years, and getting packed to come here flew by quickly with so many surprises between these dates. Well it was a pretty hectic last day in the U.S, involving me moving out of the house that I was living in Kearney (Thanks Nemo if your reading this), renting out the books I needed, then driving back to Lexington so I can drop off my things (It was great going back because I had some TACS (tacos) and a Torta before I left), then drove to Omaha with family and Mayra, then boarding a plane at 7 a.m. So you can say I didn't get any sleep that day until I got on the plane. One thing I will mention is that don't wear loose pants went was horrible especially taking your belt off at every security check. SO then I got to Peru at around 1 a.m. with my host brother waiting for me at the airport.
Thats where I live!

Well since I arrived here on a Wednesday a week day, it was a typical day here in Peru meaning my de Surco a bit. So even having to be a creep to get out and know the place a bit was great for Mayra, Jorge, Daniel, and Adam because I was able to get them caught up to some of the things I had caught up on.
Leaving the states for 4 months!
host brother who is 25 has to go work. So I was pretty much home alone all day just unpacking and trying to reach my parents to tell them I'm alive. It was pretty boring just sitting there before I unpacked so I decided to watch some movies since it was a perfect time to catch up on what I was missing. The next day was very similar except I had already unpacked but this time I couldn't just sit and watch movies so I decided to go explore a bit on my own to see where I was really at because not to mention I didn't even know my own address. So I had to find a way to get out of the house, so I decided to follow the lady that cooks and cleans for the family (not trying to creep or nothing in any intention but it was the only way). I explored much that day finding some of the other students that came Marina and Brittany. It was great because I got to know what Jockey Plaza (a mall, but
La Playa in Miraflores that we all went to. Very rocky but great!
very huge) was and as well as knowing where UPC (the university I'm attending) was located. It was a very successful day because I was able to get a cheap phone as well as knowing Santiago

My host family has been great even though most of the time I'm out. But, I have a host mom who barley arrived last week because she usually lives in another city in Peru with her husband and my other host brother Kevin who is 19 and attends UPC. So in the beginning it was just David and I for a while until my host mom and Kevin arrived. She informed me that she won't be here in Lima much because the other city is her real home and that is where she works. So I believe she will be leaving soon but she informed that she will try and be back later on. So most of the time here, it will be David, Kevin, and I.

The Chinese food Place. But there are many!
A big factor that has really hit me since being here for almost about 3 weeks is the food! The food here is very delicious and don't get me wrong it is some what similar to Bolivian food but at the same time it's just not the same. It's been pretty tough on finding something that I can get use to eating but the thing is that when I eat something after a month I usually get use to it but I think this time it will take longer because of many factors. I really miss eating spicy food back at home, as well as Chinese food!!! There is some sort of Chinese food here but it's mixed with a Peruvian food, so it's pretty good but for those Chinese food lovers like I am you would know the difference. The places that serve that Chinese food here is called CHIFAS and then some other name at the end. Another type of food that I though was bomb was the Ceviche and Chaufas (chicken fried rice). I think after eating these two things, I think I can make it eating that everyday. One thing that I didn't think I was going to be eating a lot is fruit and let me tell you there are a lot of variety of fruit here including maracuya which is really good as a juice too.
We went to go eat some beast burgers at Sanguichones when she
got here... but she couldn't hang haha 

I'm not going to lie.. but I miss home (Nebraska) because of all the things that mean a lot that kind of left behind for 4 months. But this is a life changing moment for me and so far it's been great because I never expected it being like this and I like it! I really hope it stays at this constant paste of getting to know Lima more and more day by day. Another thing is that knowing that Bolivia is not that far away I know that a trip to Bolivia will be coming up soon, and I'm excited to see my family that I haven't seen for years and of coarse eating the food from there.

Representing Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Inc.
all the way from Peru! Anchor (you already know)
Here is a little glimpse of how it's going so far. So long amigos until next time.